The seat 8 race is to replace Jen Gottleib who resigned a year ago.

It’s a hotly contested between two major candidates, Franklin Sands and Donna Korn.

A third candidate, Andrew Luciani, won’t be getting a significant number of votes.

First thing first.

Both Sands and Korn deserve to be on the School Board.

Both were appointees of mine, Sands to the Facilities task force and Korn to district advisory.

Sands has been beaten up in the blogs of late being accused of “wanting to extend his retirement benefits” among other things.

That’s not what I see.

Sands is a state legislator who is term limited and wants to continue his public service.

While on the Facilities task force, he ultimately beat the mold and mildew problems prevalent in the district at the time.

Sands would bring his legislative experience and his knowledge of the halls of Tallahassee along with his connections.

Donna Korn was appointed by Governor Scott to fill the seat vacated by Dave Thomas.

She has what I call a resume from hell when it comes to practical business experience.

(Sands is no slouch either, having been vice presidents of companies like Horn and Hardart.)

The last few months on the Board, Korn has demonstrated a “take no prisoners” attitude.

She’s been quite effective.

What will hurt her is the (R) next to her name.

Yes, the race is non partisan, but everybody knows none the less.

What would hurt Sands is the Democratic insider feeling that there would be “too many” people from Weston on the Board.

Funny, but I don’t see them voting for Korn or Luciani.

Sands definitely has the edge.


Yesterday I griped and moaned about no State Rep race on my ballot.

I opened my new voter registration after opening the ballot and found out why.

The bastards in Tallahasse put my small section of Sunrise in District 97 where there is no primary.

Live and learn.