OMG.  Sponge Joe is back in town.

Sponge Joe Eggelletion was released from Federal Prison in Georgia yesterday and must report to a supervising officer in South Florida within the next few days.

It seems that he has three years of probation ahead of him.

Let’s hope that the powers that be within the county turn their backs on him.

They don’t seem to have a habit of doing such things.

In order to clean up government, it has to start somewhere.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Looks like the self proclaimed “Lifelong Democrat’s” been caught with his pants down.

According to Brenda Snipes’ office, Sheriff’s candidate Louis Granteed was indeed a Republican.

It seems that when one is caught in a lie, deny, deny, deny.

Just what we need in the Sheriff’s office.

Granteed became a Republican in 1986 and switched to Democrat in 1990.

There’s really nothing wrong with switching from Republican to Democrat.

Lying about it makes it a whole new ballgame.

And you wonder why I’m voting for Lamberti in November…

Just got my absentee ballot… OOPS

Somebody forgot to proofread.

Scanning my ballot I wanted to vote for State Representative in District 98.

Only, I can’t.

State Representative should appear between State Attorney and Clerk of the Court.

Only it’s not there, or anywhere else on the ballot.

Can you say SNAFU?

Switched at Birth?

A reader sent in this photo of Lynn Webb (Mrs. Pat Santeramo) and Maureen Dinnen.

The resemblance between the two is uncanny for sure.

And how was your week?