The School Board and the County Commission are about to enter a pilot program replacing school buses with county buses.

The buses will not divert from their assigned routes since just about all schools have stops within walking distance.

It’s a damned good idea.

An idea that could have been implemented 12 years ago through bus passes.

Blocked by a lecture on “personal responsibility” by Commissioner, now criminal Sponge Joe Eggeletion.

As a junior high schooler and high schooler, I used public transportation.

The School Board has the largest, most inefficient fleet in the county.

Duval County’s school bus fleet is outsourced to three contractors and operates at half the cost of Broward.

County transit maintenance mechanics service 18 – 20 buses each.

School Board maintenance mechanics service 3; count ’em 3 buses each.

Talk about waste!

Time to start surplussing some of those yellow money pits.