Yes,Mike Satz has a big feather  in his cap.

Pat Santeramo turned himself in this morning to be booked to face 20 criminal charges that include racketeering and fraud.

Probably to avoid photos of being led away in handcuffs.

This is the same Santeramo that called the School Board corrupt only last year.

Red Broward reports tha at least two donations to the Nora Rupert campaign were reimbursed by Santeramo.

That goes a long way to support my allegation that BTU was attempting to take over the School Board.

What I don’t get is why these people think they won’t get caught, whether it be Santeramo, Beverly Gallagher or even Sponge Joe Eggeletion.

Two others were never prosecuted.

With $165 ,000 as part of the fraud and racketeering charges, Santeramo stands to spend up to 30 years in the pokey which I don’t think will be a country club.

Beverly Gallagher meanwhile is due out about this time next year.

Sponge Joe is due out any day.

Congratulations Mike.