Tuesday’s Board workshop will consider the idea of creating and operating district charter schools.

I’m going to list the three options being presented to the Board with comments after each

Option 1 – School Board is the Charter School Governing Board and takes full responsibility for all administrative and operation decisions.

Absolutely not.  The Board has little time to oversee and directly manage charter schools especially if there are more than one.

Option 2 – Governing Board includes one or two School Board members along with volunteers.

Absolutely not.  Board members do not sit on any other charter governing board.  Volunteers will tend to look toward and defer to Board members.

At this point, you’d think that staff doesn’t get it.  Read on.

Option 3 – Governing Board is comprised of all volunteers.

Absolutely yes.  The Governing Board must not be under the thumb of anyone in the district other than those who deal with charter schools.

The same rules should apply.

District owned charter schools must be permitted to follow the same rules as private charter schools.

Funding must be FEFP based.  No money pouring in from the district’s already stressed budget.

Good results means plenty of operating money.  Bad results will mean closing the school.

That also means union rules need to be tossed to the wind.

Charter schools must be run in competition with the district, not under their thumb.

And that means the ability to get rid of teachers, administrators or anyone else who doesn’t measure up.

Without that freedom, don’t bother.