I once backed Mike Satz for re-election.

That was back in 2000 while I was a Democratic Club President.

No more.

I stopped being a fan when he and his boys blew off any sort of investigation into shenanigans by Frank Till and his friends including blatant threats to public officials.

The threats to Board members by Till’s friends were so pervasive that I personally went to Satz’s office to file a complaint.

I carried a copy of a voicemail threat with me.

Rather than open an investigation, they just blew it off.

The threats had other Board members quaking in their boots that night.

The results of Satz’s refusal speak for themselves.

He’s the poster boy for term limits.

Here’s a no brainer question for everybody.

What’s worse than a corrupt politician?

It’s a tie between the corrupter and the guy who makes a sweetheart deal with the corrupter.

In this case, it’s the great corrupters, Bruce and Shawn Chait.

Pardon me if I use the term “great corrupters” loosely but these guys are rank amateurs at best.

Does the name Alberto San Pedro ring a bell for the corruptaholics out there?

Twenty five years ago, he was the great corrupter of Hialeah and exposing him had just about every politician in Miami-Dade county quaking in their boots.

So pervasive was his influence in that county that municipal and county offices almost literally had to install revolving doors.

And it wasn’t about redeveloping a golf course, either.   More like drugs, illegal weapons, bribery and a whole lot worse.

This guy’s influence stretched to Mayors, Commissioners, School Board members and even former CNN anchor, Rick Sanchez who was with Channel 7 at the time.

Fortunately real prosecutors were able to get this guy to spend some real jail time.  AND they got him to turn state’s evidence to boot.

Yes, San Pedro got out of jail time but not before spending some real time in a real pokey.

When it comes to our own Chaits, there may very well be some poetic justice to be had in the fact that the two slime buckets got nailed by the downturn in the economy after spreading their dirty money around.

But it’s not nearly enough and neither is probation.

Let me put it another way…The deal stinks and these two should have enough time behind bars to describe the inside of their cells with their eyes closed, and that includes the dust bunnies.

The only “criminal” I can slam in this case would be Sponge Joe Eggleletion, or better termed, the beginning of the end of the Chaits.

Almost everybody else is still awaiting their day in court.

Too bad it took Federal intervention in a do nothing county to wake up the S.A.’s. office.

There’s definitely a stench within the county and here’s where at least some of it is coming from.

Our great corruptors are getting off with a slap on the wrist while the Keystone Kops are trying to throw the book at everybody else.

And the results so far are eight politicians snared, three not even remotely connected to the Chaits at all..

One case against a County Commissioner already snared by the FBI, making the S.A. a day late and a dollar short.

Two poorly prepared Sunshine cases against Coral Springs Commissioners already tossed out by a judge with a brain.

A shaky case against a School Board member involving, you guessed it, the Chaits.

Remember, these two are  jailhouse stool pigeons who’ll say just about anything to get and keep the slimy deal they negotiated.

According to recently released testimony from political consultant Bev Stracher, “But (she) also said Shawn Chait “likes to brag and exaggerate. You don’t believe half the stuff he says.”

I’d say that really bodes well for cases where they’re the primay witnesses.

It ought to be fun to watch.

Here’s a recap of the investigation so far:

Cases against three Tamarac officials involving the Chaits, one of them a 90 year old man.

That case brought forth because the Statute of Limitations was about to expire.

Slanderous blog accusations against a previous Mayor of the city who is now deceased and cannot defend himself.

Of course the case against the current Tamarac Mayor was recently thrown out by another Judge with a brain.

And then there’s the case against another County Commissioner who happens to be saddled with a terribly deblitating illness.

And that’s at least one case that should have been filed years ago when she was healthier.

Doing so would have snared her husband, Richard, too.  And oh my goodness, they might have actually uncovered the real deals involving the swamp land sale to the School Board seeing that he was involved deep enough to be wearing hip boots if not deeper..

Did somebody say “Statute of Limitations?”   Oops!  So sorry, too late…

Oh and don’t forget the rumors of charges and more arrests floating around the county ruining reputations.

Maybe deserved, but then again, maybe not.

Needless to say the statute of limitations to open an investigation with the evidence I brought to Satz’s office have long since expired.

But here’s what the S.A. could have found had it actually been willing to do it’s job:

Starting with those threats to public officials I mentioned earlier, they could have worked their way out to bid rigging, graft, cover ups, loaded voting ballots, facilities employees taking jobs with builders, managers taking family vacations paid for by vendors winning no bid contracts, a department head having himself appointed to boards of companies doing business with the district and more, up to and including a Superintendent that was an accessory after the fact

Considering all of that, it’s just too damned late to do anything about it now.

Oh and the attempted Bid Rigging that I stopped cold?  That’s a Federal Crime that could have put a huge feather in Clouseau’s cap.

Oh, darn.  The Sherman Anti Trust Act places a five year limitation on that one.

And that limitation expired two years ago.
So why bother about it now?

Simple: The public deserves to know the depth of the real cesspool within the school district.

Not the one cooked up by Bob Norman and his knucklehead crew.

But don’t worry, Broward…

Inspector Clouseau is on the job.