Without a doubt, there’ll be another challenge to Mitch Ceasar’s chairmanship of the Broward Democratic party.

I know the players (no, I will not name them.)

But a month ago, I was asked to run for Precinct Captain.

I would have, except I am no longer physically capable.

At least not now.

Had I run and won, I also know how I’d vote.

Sorry, I won’t reveal that, either.

These days, I prefer to be the observer rather than the participant.

Ceasar’s challengers up to now have been little more than loonies.

From the far left Randy Fleischer (so far left there’s no scale to measure it.)

To former Congressman Peter Deutsch.

Deutch came close, but no cigar.

Had Deutsch spent more time in Broward rather than Israel, he might have had a real chance.

The point is that last cycle was the closest the opposition has ever come.

This year’s challenge will beĀ interesting.

Expect real fireworks in November.