It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Transportation last year.

However, it’s bad enough.

You’d expect that a department like ESE would be up on paperwork considering the mounds of paper required by the state.

Not so with inventory.

The audit criticizes the department in great detail.

Among the missing items are two Apple MacBooks, One MacBook Pro, two Apple IBooks, one IMac, one other Apple Laptop, five Dell laptops, two tablets, one laser printer and even a hydraulic lift.

And that’s not all of it.

The most expensive losses of all were the Freedom 2000 valued at $5,595.00

The Freedom 2000 is a power inverter.

Think of it as a backup generator powered by battery instead of gasoline engine.

Two Tango Zacks. Handheld ESE therapy machines about the size of a Nintendo Wii U valued at $6,599 each.

But the net value of unaccounted property is $19,898.31

That takes depreciation into account.

The replacement value (historical value) would be $84,397.30

Maybe higher today, maybe lower depending on the deals the district can get.

At least it wasn’t a $30,000 phone system.