It was a stunner alright.

In a room full of Democrat sheep, Parrish announced her endorsement of two Republicans.

They are Katie Leach, running for School Board District 3 and Donna Korn, running for Countywide School Board District 8.

Leach and Korn were appointed by Governor Rick Scott last year to fill the seats of Dave Thomas and Jennifer Gottleib.

Each resigned their seats only a day apart.

I’ve known Korn for several years as she was my last appointee to the School Advisory Committee.

She’s quite capable with a resume from hell (so to speak.)

The resume is so good that when she applied for the Superintendent’s job last year, she made my top ten list.

Korn faces an uphill battle in the race since her chief opponent is State Rep Franklin Sands.

Sands has the edge since he can attend Democratic club meetings while Korn can’t.

There will be approximately 50,000 Democrats voting countywide in August while only 17,000 Republicans will vote.

Lori Parrish’s endorsement will tilt those numbers, by how much, I don’t know.

Parrish, re-elected without opposition last week, will have to be just about everywhere over the next 45 days hawking Korn and Leach.

Katie Leach will have an easier time in a district that’s pretty well evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

Since there are two Democratic opponents, Michael Levinson and Becky Blackwood, they’ll surely split the Dem vote between them.

Levinson’s chances hang on his feverishly working the district for more than a year, knocking on doors and attending meetings.

Parrish’s active participation stand to change those numbers, too.

While neither Korn nor Leach can attend Democratic club meetings, Parrish certainly can.

And that makes both races a new game.