BTU union director, Lynn Cavall is leaving to go to the Palm Beach teacher’s union.

She’s getting a better job as Executive Director.

Cavall was one of the Board members who pleaded guilty of accepting reimbursement for a campaign donation.

That’s a first degree misdemeanor worth a fine and jail time.

She got a year’s probation instead.

I’m not convinced that Cavall understood that the reimbursement was illegal.

But then ignorance of the law is no excuse, as you’d hear from many a lawyer and judges.

But according to official documents, Cavall was one of the highest paid Board members of the union.

Not only $112,000 in salary (as of 2010) but $7,150 in “allowances” and almost $25,000 in “free” pension contribution.

Benefits no teacher can get, let alone know about.

When it comes to the union, it’s more like the 1% leading the 99% by the nose.

So what else is new?

Goodbye Lynn…