Last day of qualifying.  If a candidate didn’t make it by noon, it’s too late.

With all the county races still open for qualifying, I suspect it’s going to be a busy half day with candidates lined up to turn in their paperwork and pay the fees.

I’ve seen it before.

As I mentioned, the County races to watch are School Board Districts 4 and 5.

All six candidates in the District 4 race have qualified, and five in District 5.

With qualifying closed, here are the results.

Follow this link to see who’s qualified in which race.

Or just stop by Watching Broward.


State Rep District 92 – Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed*

State Rep District 93 – George Moraitis (I), Gerri Capotosto

State Rep District 94 – Herman Scott, Perry Thurston

State Rep District 95 – Hazelle Rogers*

State Rep District 96 – Jim Waldman*

State Rep District 97 – James Gleason, Jared Moskowitz

State Rep District 98 – Katie Edwards, Louis Reinstein

State Rep District 99 – Elizabeth Eddy, Elaine Schwartz (I)

State Rep District 100 – Joe Gibbons, Sheldon Lisbon

State Rep District 101 – Shevrin Jones

State Rep District 102 – Sharon Pritchett, Melvin Bratton

State Rep District 103 – Manny Diaz, Jr., Josue Vazquez, Renier Diaz de la Portilla, Alfredo Naredo-Acosta

State Rep District 104 – Robin Behrman, Alanna Mersinger, Richard “Rick” Stark, Douglas Harrison

State Rep District 105 – Carlos Trujillo, Paul Crespo, Raul Robayna (Write in)

State Senate District 29 – Jeremy Ring*, Soren Swensen

State Senate District 31 – Chris Smith, Christopher Smithmyer

State Senate District 33 – Eleanor Sobel, Rita Gambardella, Juan Selaya

State Senate District 34 – Ellyn Bogdanoff, Mike Lameyer, Maria Sachs

State Senate District 36 – Oscar Branyon*


Clerk of the Court – Howard Forman (I), Robert Lockwood, Beverly Kennedy (Write in)

Property Appraiser – Lori Parrish (I)

Sheriff – Scott Israel, Louis Granteed, Al Lamberti

County Commission District 1 – Martin Kiar*

County Commission District 3 – Stacy Ritter, Robert Sutton

County Commission District 5 – Lois Wexler* (I)

County Commission District 7 – Charlotte Rodstrom, Tim Ryan, Ken Keechl, Jessica Heinecker (Write in)

County Commission District 9 – Dale Holness, Robert McKinzie, Andrea Miller (Write in)

Supervisor of Elections – Brenda Snipes* (I)

School Board District 2 – Patricia Good* (I)

School Board District 3 – Rebecca Blackwood, Michael Levinson, Katie Leach

School Board District 4 – Shelly Solomon, Abby Freedman, Nick Steffens, Robert Mayersohn, Louis Kushner, Andrew Ladanowski

School Board District 5 – Torey Alston, Christopher Hugley, Rosalind Osgood, Ruth Lynch, Grover Monroe

School Board At Large 8 – Andrew Luciani, Donna Korn, Franklin Sands

School Board At Large 9 – Robin Bartleman, Barbara Houston Wilson, William Barkins


Cooper City Mayor – Greg Ross, Gary Laufenberg

Cooper City Commission District 3 – Jeff Green (I), Daniel Barrett

Cooper City Commission District 4 – James Curran* (I)

Margate City Commission Seat 1 – Frank Talerico (I), Phillip Hylander

Margate City Commission Seat 2 – Frank Messana, Brian Donahue, David McLean (I)

Margate City Commission  Seat 3 – Le Peerman (I), Fredrick Schweitzer

Margate City Commission Seat 4 – Tommy Ruzzano, John Hall III, Rich Popovic, Virgil Willis

Margate City Commission Seat 5 – Joanne Simone, Scott Yardley

Sunrise Mayor – Michael Ryan* (I)

Sunrise  City Commission Group A – John Fusaro, Donald Rosen (I)

Sunrise City Commission Group B – Joseph Scuotto* (I)

(I) = Incumbent   * = No other candidate in the race.