According to Bob (yeech) Norman and other sources, Federal indictment of at least one  BTU head will happen within two or three weeks.

That leader is Pat Santeramo.

The Feds have been swarming over BTU for months building a case.

More than $3 million in reserves squandered, $125,000 in questionable credit card expenses and $25,000 in checks made out to cash have peaked the interests of investigators from the start.

On the hot seat.

Let’s not forget the extremely generous benefits handed out to leaders that members couldn’t get and had no clue about them.

While the Feds probably won’t be interested in the “payback” of thousands in campaign donations by BTU board members, I suspect that Mike Satz’s office will.

Violations of Florida Election law usually are considered 1st degree misdemeanors with fines up to $500 for each violation and possibly up to one year in jail (very rare if at all.)

Some violations are 3rd degree felonies with jail time.

Funneling campaign donations through others may very well be a felony.

Lynn Cavall, George Segna, Ronny Virgillito, Bernie Schultz, and Leonard Lee have already been charged.

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they probably were unaware of the illegality of making donations and being reimbursed.

Did Santeramo know?

It’s debatable, but the indictments and trial will tell the tale for sure.

I’ve been complaining about BTU for years, and I still believe that the entire upper echelon needs to be replaced.

Maybe, just maybe.

We’ll see.