Marty to School Board:  Take a memo…

Raising taxes won’t fly.

In 1994, the School Board attempted to raise taxes with “A Penny for our Kids.”

Shot down in flames by angry voters.

While the condos supported the effort, angry homeowners came out in droves to vote “no.”

Early in 2006, the School Board discussed a penny tax once again.

Then the County Commission hogged the stage and floated their own penny proposal along with a $500 million bond.

So much for a School Board asking for a penny tax.

Needless to say, the voters came out and kicked the County’s butt.

Of course, the “Downtown business community” as Buddy Nevins puts it, pushed Frank Till to request a bond issue instead.


Frank Till’s downtown business buddies were charged with conducting a poll to see if voters would approve the bond.


The poll was supposed to be about raising $350 million.

The 1987 School Board bond was about to be paid off and in theory, a renewed bond would be tax neutral.

School Board members were told the poll was for $749 million.

They were also told that the results of the poll were positive; the voters would approve.

But Till and his business buddies steadfastly refused to show either the poll or the results to School Board members.

The excuse?

Once Board members laid eyes on it, it would become public record.  Nonsense!

As I said; they LIED.

Fortunately, I had my sources that had seen it.

The poll was indeed for $350 million, not the $749 million being reported.

And the real results were essentially; “no way, no how.”

Yet Till and his buddies managed to get the bond request on the agenda.

I missed the first vote and it passed by one vote.

I didn’t miss the second vote.

Here we had a County request for a penny tax AND a $500 million bond already on the ballot.

I’d had more than enough of piggy government, and I had my hand on the pulse of the voters.

I was the last to be called in a roll call vote.

It was 3 against and 4 to approve so far.

The shame of it were the Till sycophants on the dais who parroted “Let the voters decide.”

Really now…

I killed the bond by voting “no” making it 4 for and 4 against.

A tie vote is a no vote.

Whatever the School Board does, raising taxes won’t fly with the voters especially in the current economy.

It’s an untenable situation and the extra dollars must come from even deeper cuts within the system.