Make that Dr. William Barkins, DDS.

He’s an Endodontist in Pembroke Pines.

About nine years ago, Dr. Barkins fought with the School Board and Frank Till over an incident with his son.

Having a Dental practice, meeting after meeting, Barkins came to speak and ask for help.

And to criticize the School Board for not taking action.

Not that at least some of us wouldn’t try to take any action.

We were constantly being warned by Ed Marko not to say anything.

How Barkins managed to take the time from his practice was beyond me, but a father fighting for his son is not.

Ultimately, I came to believe the district was in the wrong.

A lot of the misinformation (to me, anyway) was coming from two sources.

Bev Gallagher and Frank Till.

But Barkins running for School Board at this late date may very well be self defeating.

Since campaigning for office is a full time job, he will have to give up his practice.

But when Barkins ran against Beverly Gallagher in 2004, he didn’t pay the qualifying fee, ending his campaign.

Will he qualify this time?

I’m guessing that since we’re two weeks away from the qualifying period, he will.

We’ll see.