Yup.  He’s at it once again.

Calling the construction boom driven by the Class Size amendment and the state’s refusal to adequately fund construction as “wasteful and lobbyist driven.”

“Above you see a pie chart just released that shows how much money is going to pay the billion-dollar debt racked up by the board during the wasteful lobbyist-driven boom years. “

Lobbyist driven?

No, not the lobbyists that Norman loves to blame.  Not at all.

More likely the former district employees who got cushy jobs with the builders and contractors.

The former district employees that were hanging around with construction staff when it was vote time by the Board.

And as I’ve stated before, the ballots were loaded.

It was staff that loaded the ballots.

It’s going to cost an estimated $732 million to service the debt over five years.

That’s $144 million per year.

And it isn’t only for the “boom” years as Norman would have you believe.

There were other projects, other construction needs over the preceding years where debt is still being serviced.

But the $732 million figure looks much more ominous than $144 million.

Servicing the debt isn’t breaking the bank at the School District.

Funding cuts by the legislature and lowered tax revenue are.

Yes, there was plenty of waste in projects like the unused Western Bus Depot and the Pembroke Pines maintenance facility.

But there’s not a shred of proof he can find over the school and classroom construction to meet Class Size.

Schools built where none were need?


Not even Beachside Montessouri.

But yes, there was waste fueled by Mike Garretson’s over-payment of per classroom costs.

Anywhere from $40,000 per classroom to $80,000.

And I’ve been writing about that for several years.

But Norman’s insistence on wasteful spending for classroom and school construction is based on information we already know to be inaccurate and sometimes the result of staff lying to Norman and the grand jury.

Staff and Norman purposely left out pertinent information about the “real” lobbyists who hung around staff, not Board members.


From what I’ve known about some members of staff, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Only I can’t prove it.

But the real story just isn’t as sexy as fantasy based sensationalism.