Now that you know Katie Edwards ran for State Rep in Miami-Dade and now Plantation, I compared both races through the respective websites and I came up with this:

Both websites (now and two years ago) indicate Katie’s disdain for special interests controlling Tallahassee.

In 2010: “Ending the influence of big special interests

In 2012: “For too long, back-door deals run by huge special interests have dominated Tallahassee.”

Does that include the special interests of big Agribusiness?

Her current contribution report is chock full of big Agribusiness interests.

Big Sugar, Tomato Growers, Vegetable Growers, Citrus Growers and processors, Orchid Growers, Fish Farm, etc.

Agri-Brothers and Arazzoza Brothers (same P.O. Box) contributed $1,000 between them.

Almost $9,000 so far this campaign.

Probably thousands more that I haven’t been able to connect to individual $250 and $500 donations with some of the Agribusinesses.

You can rest assured they’re there.

Expect more on upcoming campaign reports.  Much more.

Is Edwards being backed by big Agribusiness?

You bet!

And at least $2,000 from Disney.

From her run in 2010…

Citrus growers and processors, farms, agriculture and horticulture, agriculture pacs, etc.

$67,000 in that campaign.

Really big Agribusiness.

Ending the influence of big special interests?


Oh yes.  I vote in District 98.