Katie Edwards is running for State Representative in the new District 98 which includes parts of Davie, Plantation and Sunrise.

Her opponent is Attorney Louis Reinstein.

At the moment, there are no Republicans in the race, so whoever wins in August will become the new Rep for the district.

I’m confused about Edwards, though.

She ran for State Representative in District 119 two years ago. District 119 was and still is in Miami-Dade.

According to her campaign website back then: “After college, Katie returned home and moved to Southwest Miami-Dade to work for area small business owners and family farmers as executive director of the Dade County Farm Bureau.

Small business?  Farm bureau?  Really?

Now that she’s running for State Rep in District 98, we get this from her current website: “Blessed to be born and raised in beautiful Broward County, Katie Edwards has been a resident of Plantation for 22 years.”

“Katie resides in Plantation.”

She went to work for the Farm Bureau in Miami-Dade at age 22 and worked there for eight years, so we can account for 22 years in Plantation.

Now she’s moved back to Plantation and running once again.

Maybe she figures she’ll have better luck in Broward.


You decide…