But you won’t see the Sultan of Swat or Slugger Joe at the meeting.

Instead you’ll see the two knuckleheads, Scott Israel and Louis Granteed, running for the Democratic nomination for Sheriff.

They’ll be at the West Broward Democratic Club meeting on Wednesday, May 23rd.

The reason for the claims of being good Democrats?

Scott Israel was a Republican until he decided to switch and become a Democrat just before he decided to run for Sheriff four years ago.

But don’t hold it against him.  The former Republican is getting a lot of support from West Broward.

From the some of the very same folks who are holding it against another candidate for switching more than a year before the run for office.

Go figure.

The good news is that we’ll hear real speeches from the two candidates running for State House District 98.

We’ll also hear from the multitude of candidates running for Circuit Court Judge.

Okay, make that eight candidates.

At least we’ll hear why they should be elected rather than beating each other up on whether or not they’re the better Democrat.

Oh, and Judicial candidates are forbidden to talk politics or party.

Thank goodness!