And the “new” FCAT 2.0 exposes it.

From 81% of 4th graders passing the FCAT writing exam to 28% this year.

8th and 10th grades not much better.

Since its inception, the FCAT test was more a political scheme than a method of measuring student progress.

Every year the test changes supposedly “raising the bar.”

Yet the standard of measure has absolutely no relation to any other series of tests given throughout the nation.

Let me put it in perspective…

Every year you must take a new driving test.

Only the test changes every year to “raise the bar.”

Can you imagine the resulting pandemonium?

And now the Department of Education has raised the bar once more.

Looks like they blew it this time.

Don’t expect logic from their “emergency” meeting.

Expect more political posturing with a twisted scheme to “re-score” the test.

Who are these folks?

Just a new set of political hacks that think they know what education should be.

I have to wonder if Neil Bush (Mr. Silverado Savings collapse) still runs the company that measures the results.

UPDATE: The “emergency” meeting resulted in schools being graded on the average number of students receiving a grade of 3 or better rather than 4.

The DOE says it shouldn’t impact school grades.

We’ll see…