The high court has upheld the voter mandate for term limits in Broward County.

Meaning that the majority of the County Commission is in its final term.

Ilene Lieberman and John Rodstrom will leave in November.

Sue Gunzburger and Kristin Jacobs will leave two years from now (unless Jacobs wins her current race for U.S. Rep for District 22.)

UPDATE: Nick Steffens points out that Stacy Ritter is currently running for her second full term after replacing Ben Graber in 2006.

I had her as running for her last term, but Steffens was correct.

Four years from now, the majority of the Commission will be new.

Are term limits a good thing?

You bet!

Most voters will re-elect a familiar name term after term resulting in few new ideas.

Or fresh views.

The State Legislature has it wrong with eight years and out.

It literally takes a term to get the traction needed to begin making a difference.

Which gives legislators only four, maybe six years to rise to the top.

Clawing the way to the top has led to some pretty harebrained bills and proposals.

But to change the legislature term limits would require an amendment to the Florida Constitution.

And 12 years is the right number.

For the legislature, the county commission and for all elected offices, local and state wide.