I spoke with Jaemi this morning and she requested that I not publish just yet.

But the cat’s trying to get out of the bag, so I might as well let it out.

Yes, she’s leaving the campaign, and yes she’s endorsing Shelly Solomon Heller.

Jaemi feels that she can do more for children on the outside rather than on the inside.

I think she very well can.

With self created organizations such as Mothers Against Predators and Beads for Needs, Levine shows a definite talent for benefiting children.

She needs to turn that energy toward the school system starting with the local schools and ultimately to the School Board from the front of the dais.

Will she run again in four years?

Who knows?

But to run again she needs to create a solid base and helping to solve problems on the outside is key to building a real base of support for such a run.