I kind of thought that name sounded familiar.

Too familiar.

And then I realized exactly who she is.

For those of you who take the grand jury report as gospel, Blackwood figures prominently in the action, or lack of it, although not by name.

She was part and parcel of the backbiting in the district’s construction department.

Blackwood was a key player in the malfeasance – misfeasance – non-feasance outlined by the grand jury.

Trust me, management incompetence made the situation worse.

Meanwhile, delay after delay can be attributed to Blackwood.

Was she always in the wrong?

Probably not.

But the complaints from the designers were voluminous.

In one particular instance, a set of six modular classrooms at Welleby Elementary sat unused and not connected to utilities for six months while Blackwood and her inspectors rejected plan after plan.

As it turned out, it wasn’t even necessary.

But the delay was inexcusable.

Although she’s more than welcome to run, having Blackwood on the dais is a scary thought.

Then again…