BTU is at it again.

It wants members to support the step scale and not percentage raises

It must be a union mentality.

From the latest negotiation report:

All members need to stand together to achieve the highest possible level of outcome in negotiations despite the current and continuing economic crisis and state attacks on public schools and employees. Union negotiators ask all members for their support in their effort to press district officials for –

a return to annual step increases for all members on the salary schedule, which is a top priority for the union and all members

That’s $850 per year more than starting salary after 6 years while steps 21 & 22 get $9,000 each year!

Somehow the description of “highest possible level of outcome” just doesn’t fit when it comes to teacher salaries.

I’ve been fighting for years for fair percentage raises across the board for each teacher.

If you’ll remember, my last year as a Board member, all teachers received a $2,000 raise rather than steps.

That’s what 6% worked out to.

Darla Carter and I made it happen.

Rather than support BTU’s call for support in returning to the step scale, members need to flood leadership with demands to negotiate real percentage raises.

And maybe the district will keep good teachers after five years.