In what could finally unravel the fiasco of the swamp land purchase several years ago, state investigators have subpoenaed all relevant records from Southwest Ranches.

Readers will remember my anger over the purchase culminating in my knockdown drag out fight with the late Mike Garretson at a workshop held at Coral Springs middle

That’s where Garretson revealed that the quality of the property was so poor that the district’s consultant couldn’t get their equipment on the land to test it.

Yet the Southwest Ranches consultant, Richard Rubin assured the district that the property wasn’t mostly swamp, and it’s Rubin they’re looking into.

It’s about time.

The Board never gave final approval, but the district proceeded anyway showing staff and the Superintendent’s disregard for the Board members.

The very same Superintendent who refused to fire a senior manager caught bid rigging.

Can you say kickback?

The only question is who?  I suppose we’ll never know.

But we do know two people who made handsome profits from the transaction.

Richard Rubin and Ira Cor.