The candidate is District 4’s Jaemi Levine and the drug is called Chantix.

Side effects of the drug make it dangerous in some cases.

Forget heart disease and loss of vision, (which are the major warnings) the real quandaries are inexplicable violent behavior, suicidal thoughts and other psychological disturbances.

Levine used the “anti-smoking remedy” for only a week and started behaving erratically.

To protect her, her family had her Baker Acted while the effects of the drug wore off.

She recently showed the still almost full box dated 2008 to me.

You can find an ABC news article on the questions about the drug here:

So why hasn’t the FDA pulled the drug?

Meanwhile, Levine is searching for an attorney who will take on the manufacturer because of the damage done to both her and others.

And hopefully get the FDA to pull the drug.