According to the Sun Sentinel, school based bookkeepers and budget keepers are being laid off this year and next.

Magic Runcie will replace the school based system with a centralized system.

Readers will remember that the incompetent Frank Till was responsible for decentralizing the system and causing the $5 million in overpayment fiasco ten years ago which yours truly had to straighten out.

Oh, and top heavy School Board administration is being seriously  trimmed as well.

It’s about time.

Looks like my badgering last quarter paid off. Both Jaemi Levine and Ruth Lynch got their Q1 reports in on time.

Congratulations to both.

I won’t speculate on why Nick Steffens left Levine’s campaign to run against her, but he was one of her staunchest supporters last time around.

Expect at least one more entry into the District 4 School Board race.

Billy Davidson, frequent speaker a School Board meetings filed in Robin Bartleman’s race and promptly withdrew.

So what was the point?

Prediction: Ilene Lieberman will slaughter her opponents in the group 6 county judicial race.

She’ll outraise her opponents by at least a quarter of a million and probably a whole lot more.

That translates into a flood of campaign mailers and other forms of advertising.

County wide and district campaigns without money are doomed to failure.

As to the speculation on which name she chooses to use on the ballot, it doesn’t matter.

Several months ago, I asked that very question to the state division of elections

Nan Rich running for Governor?

Don’t expect to see much of her in Broward since she’ll be spending the next year traveling the state pressing the flesh and raising some serious money.