I don’t think I’ll ever get used to using IOS for writing Watching Broward.

Still at Florida Med Center all prepped to go home until my internal Defib decided to shock me five times while walking in the hall.

Guess we gotta fix that…

Meanwhile, the School Board district 4 race is getting more crowded.

Two weeks ago, I told Red Broward to expect more candidates. (yes, we trade e-mail.)

And… We got Andrew Ladanowsky and Nick Stefans.

Three months ago, Jaemi Levine and her team attempted to sit with me to convince me she had her ducks in a row.

She didn’t.

On that team?

Nick Stefans, who pointed out how wrong I was about Jaemi’s Q4 report.

I wasn’t.

I can only imagine the turmoil, now.

Expect one more entry into the district 4 race.