When the Sunrise Commission rejected the Green Now waste transfer station under pressure from neighbors two years ago, the company threatened to sue.

Well, they have and the court will hear the case this week.

The real question is; if the court rules for Green Now, will the onslaught of misinformation rear its ugly head once again?

Last time , Buddy Nevins and I  went at it with Nevins acting more like a mouthpiece for the anti forces (Mike Ryan and Sheila Alu.)

While Nevins published the crap fed to him, I published all the facts.

And for that I was chastised for selling out.

Even to the point of printing a trash article titled Marty Rubinstein loves Garbage.

Scurrilous to say the least.

Of course, after all was said and done, Nevins decided to print the whole story just as I had

How will it turn out?

Almost 20 years ago, a gutless City Commission turned down a Home Depot on University and Sunrise Lakes Blvd.

The crowd of opponents that night was identical to the anti-Green Now crowd two years ago.

The court ruled in favor of Home Depot.