District 3 candidate Michael Levinson (pardon me if I don’t use the “E.”) has already qualified for the run.

A release from his campaign states “–Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, Broward Supervisor of Elections, has issued a letter certifying that Michael E. Levinson has qualified by petition.”

According to the campaign, Levinson collected almost 1,700 signatures.

The rules say that a candidate must collect signatures from at least 1% of the registered voters within the district and turn those petitions in to the Supervisor of Elections at least 30 days prior to the qualifying period in order to be validated.

A smart candidate will collect more, considering the fact that there will be errors and just plain bad petitions.

Without using petitions, the qualifying fee for any offices is about 4-5% of the office salary.

In the case of the School Board, it works out to about $1,800.

People confuse filing for office and qualifying for office all the time.

Filing is simply the filing of a form declaring a treasury (bank) and a somebody to act as a treasurer.

It gives the candidate the right to start collecting money and to advertise.

Qualifying is what a candidate must do in order to have his or her name listed on the ballot.

Qualifying for School Board races is at the beginning of June.

Everything that goes on prior to qualifying is just fluff.

Qualifying is where the real rubber meets the road.


A rather voiceterous member of the School Board Facilities taskforce has joined the field  of candidates for District 4.

Ladanowski has been one of the key players in exposing the transportation department’s refusal to use the district’s Kronos time and attendance system and stick to pencil filled time sheets.

The audit brought on by the investigation exposed collusion and massive theft of time.

His e-mails also exposed then COO Donnie Carter as a true member of the old guard, do-nothing and non responsive.

Unresponsive staff?

Something that Bob Norman “just discovered?”


And one more thing…

Ruth Lynch finally did file her Q4 report.

She filed electronically on time, but failed to follow with the paper as required by law.

Yo Ruth…  The job’s not finished ’till the paperwork’s done.