It’s re-election time and while it’s a political move for sure, but it’ll be a great experience for the seniors on their night.

Let others fight about politics.  This is about kids.

The Biden visit is sure to be something they’ll remember for 40+ years.

The keynote speaker at my own graduation was Vice President John Adams.

Okay, okay.  But my high school, Erasmus in Brooklyn, was open back then.

The real keynote speaker that night was U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy was about to embark on his bid for the Democratic nomination for President.

44 years later, his words may have faded from memory, but the speech itself was absolutely inspirational.

As I expect, will be Biden’s.


Well yes, but why?   Iit shouldn’t be.

Meeting the country’s leaders is always a good idea when it comes to kids, schools and their families.

It provides a sense of history right at the front door.

It doesn’t need a “D” vs. “R” fight.

As a Board member, I would just as openly welcomed Vice President Dick Cheney to speak at Cypress Bay.