Bad news: I’m bored.

Good news:  Mind clear, body on the mend

I can write again

Three years ago, Buddy Nevins printed with absolute authority that my defeat came because voters simply didn’t believe I’d delivered on my original promises.

Relieve overcrowding?  Yes.

Fix technology problems?  Yes.

Save money?  Yes.

Let’s get one thing straight.

I didn’t deliver on one promise only; to build a new High School in Sunrise.

Fact is; I killed the project because of delays and other new construction that essentially made that school unnecessary.

Talk about criticisms of Board members and their “pet” projects, I can hear it now – had the school been built anyway.

Sorry guys …  Ya can’t have it both ways.

No.  The real story begins the night we fired Frank Till.

What I’ve known all along was recently confirmed from within BTU.

The re-election campaign was sabotaged by the unions.

When I stepped off the dais after the controversial vote, I got hammered by the union bosses.

Slim Jim Silvernale told me “Well, there’s always Phyllis Hope!”

Not to be outdone, Dan Reynolds told me “It’s a sad day when the future of Broward County is determined by Marty Rubinstein!”

Too bad though.  I guess we now know who should’ve been making the decisions and who shouldn’t.

Neither would listen to reason.

Of course they wouldn’t.  They were in Frank Till’s pocket.

Making them every bit as responsible for screwing up the school district as Till.

Meanwhile, the day after the vote, my eight foot re-elect sign in front of BTU headquarters mysteriously disappeared only to be put back up several days later when the rules of the game were set.

I was assured by Pat Santeramo that the teachers were still with me.

Nothing could have been further from the truth as the recent revelation from some of the Stewards confirmed.

The news media was also part of the game.

When the Sun Sentinel endorsed Stewart Webster in the Primary, they cited that I had become part of the old blood and the Board needed fresh blood.

But… In the same set of endorsements that day, the Sentinel endorsed Stephanie Kraft and Carole Andrews, some of that old tired blood that didn’t seem to need replacing.

I kicked Webster’s butt.

There’s a deeper story here that I will tell some other time.

Flash forward to the weekend prior to election day and the local firefighters ball.

I had confirmed with local President John MacNamara that I’d have representation at district polls.

And then Dan Reynolds pulled MacNamara aside.

On election day, not a single firefighter showed up at the polls.

Teachers showed up as promised.

Only not a single one lifted a finger to help.

BTU Vice President Bernie Schultz sat in a lawn chair in Sunrise Lakes reading a book while Hope’s people button holed voters.

At one of the polling places, several teachers walked by telling me “we’ll fix you.”

It was a rout perpetrated by Reynolds and crew.


Because they lost their last best friend who gave away the candy store.

Should you see either, give them half a peace sign for me.

Sometime in the future I will muse on the possibilities for a second term.