Once again the Norman monster publishes a disjointed story about the school district, this time about the just released parent/community survey.

But what can you expect from the guy who wrote “A tribute to Frank Till” when he didn’t have a clue about either Till or the condition of the district at the time?

The survey, commissioned by new School Board member Laurie Rich Levinson was specifically designed to ferret out what Levinson and others had been experiencing for years as parents.

The taskforce findings are no surprise, especially seeing that the launch was in March of 2011 while the district was under the management of Jim Notter.

Notter, like his predecessor had risen to the level of the Peter Principle.

And I’m being kind to Notter’s predecessor.

Step back and take a good look at the district’s culture and you’ll remember a number of articles I’ve published which say that the district has been rude, self absorbed, and just plain incompetent.

The perfect example of rudeness, arrogance, incompetence (take your pick) were the ongoing attempts of Facilities Taskforce member Andrew Ladanowski to follow up on the Transportation department’s refusal to use the Kronos time and attendance system.

Ladanowski’s e-mails to then COO Donnie Carter went unanswered for months.

I’ve heard it all about the district’s unresponsiveness.

I can’t speak for any other Board member, but my office always responded to e-mails and phone calls.

One on one meetings with parents and community members were quite common during my time on the Board.

The reality is simple:

The “new” School Board, along with the “new” Superintendent is working on changing a corrupt and inefficient culture in place for more years than anyone cares to count.

It’s a complex problem that will take years of effort to straighten out.

It’s in good hands.

Of course, somebody with a ax to grind, the absolute progenitor of a fraudulent grand jury report, just can’t let go.