The first of Superintendent Runcie’s evaluations are in and will be presented during Tuesday’s workshop.

It’s an interim evaluation, but the first thing the public should notice is that the document is presented as filled out by the School Board members.

It’s presented without the blatant attempts at spin and massaging that were ever present with Frank Till’s evaluations.

This evaluation form is easy to follow and easy to answer while Till’s evaluation forms were twisted and meandering, presenting questions  in such a slanted manner that would make it difficult to put Till in a bad light.

Bottom line this time, so far, Board members are well satisfied with Magic Runcie’s performance.

Runcie has spent the last several months traveling around the district on his listening tour.

I attended the one held at Cypress Bay in January.

The reception by the audience was animated and lively.

So was the participation.

Runcie was all about listening and responding as best he could considering his status as a new employee.

His responses were right on target.

As a School Board member, wherever I went with Till, he took credit for the great things in the district while blaming others for failures.

He was all about shaking hands and being “popular” rather than solutions.

Meanwhile, Magic Runcie has also spent the last several months undoing some of the damage done by his predecessors.

It’s quite refreshing to see his “take no prisoners” attitude.

Runcie meets one on one with Board members on a regular basis to talk about their concerns unlike Till who would meet with a Board member only when he had to and then went on his merry way and did his own thing anyway.

Let’s hope Magic doesn’t spoil his “go get ’em” style with a stupid Till stunt.

Stupid Till stunt?

Not one, but two tandem parachute jumps for publicity while Rome was burning.