Maureen Dinnen announced today that she will not seek re-election to the School Board.

At age 71, Dinnen has decided to move on with her career and seek other opportunities in the field of education.

As I wrote earlier this year, it’s time for Mo to retire with dignity and grace.

And that’s what she’s doing.

Dinnen’s withdrawal opens the way for an equal contest between Michael Levinson and Katie Leach.

It ought to be an interesting race.

Good luck, Maureen…


And here we go again with the two boob bloggers in the county assigning the ills of the grand jury report to Dinnen as one of the remaining “old guard.”


Dinnen may be a lot of things, but she’s not anywhere near devious enough to fit the grand jury model.

Her problem has been three fold:

Arrogant and condescending (“we know what’s best for your children”) during the fight to return summers to families rather than start school in July.

Too tied at the hip to Frank Till and Jim Notter and whatever they wanted.¬†(Can you say “Yes” woman?)

And little or no attention to details, especially when it came to the Ft, Lauderdale High School boondoggle, millions over budget, but still incomplete more than a dozen years later.

It takes a certain type of mentality to “meddle” on the assumptive scale of the grand jury accusations preposterous as they may be.

Maureen doesn’t have it.