Bob Norman and his Channel 10 photographer were caught trespassing on Pine Hollow in the city of Parkland last week.

What started as a dispute between neighbors burgeoned into a lawsuit and a snoop fest with the nosy reporter forcing entry where he didn’t belong.

Sometimes things move from quiet to full blown lawsuit as it did in Parkland against the owners of Pine Hollow.

It seems that somebody doesn’t like the idea of boarding Horses on the property and permitting only owners and their guests to ride.

Pine Hollow is not open to the public.

As farmland, the Hollow is not subject to city zoning laws, so the owners can pretty much do as they wish on the land within reason.

Somebody doesn’t like it, and to that effect, there have been incidents not only of complaints within the city, but cars driving by with horns blaring in order to disturb the horses.

It’s called HARASSMENT by most of the world.

Unfortunately, its gotten so bad that the owners of the property have had to monitor activities with video cameras and recordings.

Somebody’s called Norman and it’s clear that the folks at Pine Hollow didn’t.

They called the cops.

Word has it that it didn’t stop there and the incident’s hit the desk of Sheriff Al Lamberti.

Apparently, Norman’s meanderings were recorded on an employee’s Blackberry cell phone as you’ll read in the Sheriff’s report.

When I was a member of the Channel 10 Eyewitness News Team (as it was called back then) trespassing by reporters wasn’t taken lightly by management.

Note the deputy’s gauge on Norman’s demeanor:  Cocky.

Click on the link to read the report.

Norman report