It was supposed to be the school that nobody wanted.

It was supposedly the school that nobody on School Board staff could figure out who planned for or approved it.

It was the school that the grand jury egged on by local bloggers referred to as a Boondoggle.

It was the “unneeded” school that they tried to hang former School Board member Jennifer Gottlieb with.

Unfortunately, the members of the grand jury might have wanted to read a newspaper.

Here’s a little blurb from an article published in the Sun Sentinel on January 29, 2012 talking about parents getting their children into the district’s top schools:

“the most coveted – and anxiety-inducing – spots are in 13 wait-listed programs, including Pompano Beach High, Wilton Manors Elementary and two Montessori schools: Virginia Shuman Young Elementary in Fort Lauderdale and Beachside Montessori Village in Hollywood.

How’s that again?

the most coveted – and anxiety-inducing spots are in 13 wait-listed programs, including …Beachside Montessori Village in Hollywood.”

But how can that be?

The bloggers (you know who you are) told us that nearby schools are under enrolled.

The grand jury told us Beachside wasn’t needed.

Here’s a reminder of what that idiot grand jury said:

“The issue with Beachside is neither the Montessori nor the K-8 concept but rather whether it was fiscally responsible to build a new school in an area of under enrolled schools particularly in light of overcrowding in other areas of the county. The process was not open and transparent and the Board engaged in underhanded tactics to build this and other schools at a time when it knew the District had an excess of capacity.”

And more nonsense:

“If one were to simply look at the official Board and District records for Beachside Montessori, there would be no definitive way to tell why it was built, who decided it should be built, who decided it should initially be a kindergarten through 5th grade school, who decided to change it to kindergarten through 8th grade school and finally, who decided it should be a Montessori school.”

The truth is that even the lying members of staff who testified couldn’t lower themselves enough to finger the late Carole Andrews who was the district Board member at the time.

The jury itself refused to acknowledge that the district was overcrowded in Hollywood at the time while complaining about every other part of the district.

The “nobody knows why” statement simply refers to the fact that their own data can’t support their conclusion.

The fact remains that the project was underway when the change was made, because crowding was already beginning to ease.

The real boondoggle would have been to follow the stench of the would-be experts and halt the project in mid-stream.

With a little more history under our collective belts, it seems that the grand jury loses once again.

Jen Gottleib may not have been perfect, but she was right all along with Beachside!

Bottom line:  When writers and juries lie about the School Board, come here.

I’ve always been more than happy to take out the “garbage” and publish the truth.