Wouldn’t you know it?

According to sources at Wednesday’s West Broward meeting, the two dumbest candidates in the county continued their fight over which one was the real Democrat.

I revealed their fight in my last article and asked “Why bother” going to see the two duke it out again.

All hopes of real campaign speeches were dashed when the two apparently picked up the subject and the pace.

No, I didn’t hear any of it, but even if it only came up as part of the speeches, (I was assured it did) it doesn’t bode well for either as Sheriff.

I find it kind of fun to watch Newt and Mitt duke it out in GOP debates, but these two hometown Newt and Mitt wannabes just don’t get it.

Which is which?  You decide.


School Board candidate Jaemi Levine’s missing Q4 report was finally posted by the Supervisor of Elections on Thursday.

Sixteen days late.

Fine to be had?  ZERO, ZILCH, NADA.

25% of nothing is still nothing.

For those of you keeping track of the score, it now stands as Levine 1, Lynch 0.

Still no report posted for Ruth Lynch.

Why am I not surprised?