Both are Democrats, both seeking the nomination to run against Al Lamberti.

Both should be ashamed of themselves.

Granteed and Israel made absolute fools of themselves at the November meeting of the West Broward Democratic Club.

What did they do?

Rather than use their “15 minutes of fame” to tell members what they would do for the county and why the voters should choose them, they engaged in a a long, protracted cat fight.

One at at time, each one took the stage and the microphone and told us why they were “real” Democrats.

Granteed, life long while Israel was a “Democrat raised in a Republican household.

That’s a direct quote.

It was also to excuse his sudden switch from Republican to Democrat in order to run four years ago.

To his credit, Israel has remained a Democrat.

Israel is also pandering to the Jewish vote.

Some say he’s Jewish, some say no.  It doesn’t matter.

Years ago doing it was verboten in Broward, and Judicial Candidate Jon Sabghir was toasted and roasted by Buddy Nevins when he was still at the Sun Sentinel.

It wasn’t such a big deal in 2010 Judicials where Jewish sounding names attempted to beat incumbents.

It didn’t work.

But the absolute lack of respect for the audience via the cat fight went a long way to tanking support for both.

Me, too.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t vote in that August race.

And unless I hear something of value during the coming months, it’ll be Lamberti in November.