School Board member Donna Korn has filed her papers to run for the Countywide District 8 seat formerly occupied by Jennifer Gottleib.

Donna, appointed last October, has done a good job as a Board member representing District 4.

But she doesn’t live in the district.

If the election in August were truly non partisan, she might very well have a shot, pitting one elected official against another.

But the reality is that “non partisan” elections aren’t non partisan at all.  They’re a cruel joke perpetrated on voters by the legislature hoping to get more of the majority party elected to local offices.

Think of it as a farm club.

When I ran, I had bipartisan support through working both sides of the aisle.

But the sheer numbers for August don’t bode well for Donna.

In partisan terms, there will be 50,000 likely Democratic voters vs. 17,000 Republican likely voters.

With those numbers, the DEC won’t need to lift a finger.

She won’t win a single condo which is key to winning elections.

One way to tilt those numbers would be for two more Democrats to file for the race.

If that happens, expect Mitch Ceasar to go into action.  He’s done it before.

Donna’s best bet is to rent a room in District 4 and move to that race.

It’s not as though that’s never been done.

With two Democrats already in the race and rumblings of another waiting to file,  the numbers are much better.

Only 6,800 likely Democrat voters and 2,500 likely Republicans, Donna’s chances would jump by 1,000 percent.

If you think I’m ignoring Louis Kushner, I am.  He won’t raise any money and won’t qualify.

And as a Republican, expect Richard DiNapoli to weigh in.

Donna will raise money and possibly more than $150,000.

But money doesn’t always translate into votes.