Last week I published an article about missing Q4 reports from School Board candidates Jaemi Levine and Ruth Lynch.

In that article I revealed that Levine’s campaign finance reports were also hideously late during her last campaign in 2010 as well.

I decided not to go to print back then because the campaign was over.

But with the District 4 seat open again, Levine has decided to take another shot, so she’s trying it for a third time.

And that makes the last campaign’s missed filing deadlines fair game in light of the failure to properly file the current G4.

Another week has passed without a posting by the Supervisor of Elections.

It isn’t their fault, they’re quite prompt in posting the information.

Uber Supporter Nick Stefans told me on January 17th: “Today, Jaemi filed her Waiver and is in compliance with the law.”

Not quite.

Levine may very well have filed the electronic version of the report, but the law requires that a physical copy must be filed as well, and the clock in dates and times are the only ones that count.

We’re not talking about major problems of addition here.  We’re talking a waiver.  Zero in and Zero out.

Here’s what the physical waiver form looks like.

Fill in the appropriate information, check the appropriate boxes, sign and date.

Not exactly rocket science.

My advice?  Download the form, fill it out, sign it and hand carry it to the SOE office downtown.

As for Ruth Lynch, still no Q4 report from her campaign.

Apparently Lynch is no stranger to late reports, either.

Her G2 report was filed on the same date (7/11/2011) as her G3 report.

Here’s what the fine for failure to file could be…

$50 per day for the first three days and $500 per day there after, with a limit of 25% of the campaign funds on deposit.

But let me paraphrase an old Jewish adage here…

25% of nothing is still nothing.

Lynch had zero in Q2 and Q3.  Q4?  Who knows?

In 2006, Lynch had at least three incomplete reports and one late report costing $25.00 (25% of funds on hand.)

Fines must be paid by personal check, no campaign funds allowed.

Levine had two incomplete reports in 2006 missing signatures.