How in the world does $165,000 for a “scoreboard” become an economic necessity?

How does it stand for equality?

Blanche Ely parents were promised that the district would match their fundraising in order to provide the school with their new scoreboard.

But at $165,000 the math just doesn’t work out.

And rightly so, Superintendent Bob Runcie recommended that the Board scratch the project until a more equitable solution can be worked out.

The “business hat” fits him well.

Ultimately, the district will follow through on its promise with another $54,000 and they should.

But the logic of parents and community activists demanding equality through a scoreboard for a school simply escapes me.

While watching the Board meeting, I got the message alright.

Blanche Ely hasn’t been given the same treatment or priority that western schools have gotten.

Rather than assign blame, the community should be moving on to the important matters and start creating a new and brighter history for the school.

Pardon the expression, but there’s a new Sheriff in town. (No references to Blazing Saddles, please.)

With a Diversity Committee specifically formed to monitor equal access to educational materials and programs between predominantly white and black schools, somehow I wouldn’t think their priority would be a scoreboard.

If the district does have that extra $57,000 (beyond the matching funds) to spend for Blanch Ely, then community activists along with Board member Ben Williams need to pow wow and come up with recommendations on where that money would be best spent in the classrooms.

Time to put sports in its proper prospective and make classrooms the real priority.