The Blanche Ely community is looking for “theirs.”

Parents and activists are demanding their athletic field scoreboard simply on the premise that it’s their turn.

And they’re right.  To a point.

The folks at Blanche Ely have every right to a new scoreboard.

Just not a video screen scoreboard for $165,000 while the rest of the district gets $54,000 boards.

One particular reader of candidate Michael Levinson’s Facebook posting is insisting that approving the scoreboard is the only solution to assure people that Blanche Ely is now getting equality of treatment.

How wrong.

The writer goes on to claim that Donnie Carter “promised” it to the school if they raised half of the funds.

Math lesson: $111,000 hardly equates to half of $165,000.

Legal lesson: Donnie Carter had no authority to promise anything to the school.  Only to make a recommendation to the Board.

I’ll say it bluntly.

If the Board gives Ely that $165,000 video scoreboard, then every other high school in the county should line up for their “fair share.”


Maybe Ely hasn’t gotten fair treatment over the years, but the poster (who shall remain nameless here) should be focusing on fair treatment when it comes to whatever it takes to provide Ely’s students with the resources that will make a difference in educational outcomes.


$111,000 will go a long way to purchase laptops.  Or active boards in the classrooms.  Or dozens of other items that will pump up the classroom.

Equal treatment for schools does not require wasting money on grandiose gadgetry while the classrooms suffer.

Not in tight times.

Not in good times, either.

The Board needs to grow a pair and say “No.”