The Q4 reports or 4th quarter campaign finance reports were due on January 10th from all candidates running for office in the November election.

As of January 15th, all of the reports are posted, except three.

Jaime Levine in the District 4 race, Ruth Lynch and Christopher Hugley in District 5.

Sources tell me that Hugley filed his report on Friday, three days late.

But Levine and Lynch have run for the School Board twice before.

Levine is no stranger to missing report deadlines, seeing that in 2010 her G1, G2 and G3 reports were all filed late.

Very late.

“G” reports are the set of reports in the final weeks of an election campaign with a “TR” or Termination Report due 90 days after election day.

Her G3 report was listed as being filed on October 29th (2010) at the time the G4 report was due.

The G4 report was filed the same day.

Levine’s G1 and G2 report were both listed as filed on February 28, 2011 one month after her termination report was due, making them four months late.

Even her termination report was more than a month late.  Due on January 31, 2011 it was filed on March 4, 2011.

Late reports aside, go figure why her original G2 report says she raised nothing and spent nothing, while an amended G2 report several days later says she spent $1,007.00.

Levine’s original G4 report says she raised nothing and spent nothing, while an amended G4 report states she raised $1,275.00 and spent $539.00.

Those filings can be found here.

When I checked with the Elections Supervisor’s office, Levine had actually filed on time electronically, but failed to turn in the paper copies required by state law.

Only through a loophole in the law did Levine avoid having to pay fines.

What makes all of this laughable was Levine’s quote to the Pulp on October 28, 2010 in the New Times:

“What pisses me off is that people assume I’m stupid,” Levine told me (Pulp.) “I’m going to be the ‘Columbo’ of the School Board. That’s what they are petrified about. They know I will dig up what they are trying to hide. They might want to get out their tubes of K-Y.” 

K-Y indeed.

The TV character Columbo, played by the late Peter Falk, never missed anything, especially a deadline.

Meanwhile, Ruth Lynch (Ruth “Roman” Lynch or Ruth “Carter” Lynch in 2004) had a campaign pledge way back when:

“If you want the truth, vote for Ruth!”

We’re waiting…