It’s something that’s never happened in collective memory.

A Broward Superintendent of Schools has pulled the plug on a controversial project.

The maintenance facility that was to be built in Pembroke Pines.

The $5 million project was the mother of all screw ups beginning with year after year of delays, typical of School district operations.

And then the ultimate screw up:

Issuing a notice to proceed days after the contract expired.

The entire project was bungled from day one, with the go ahead being the ultimate example of bureaucratic incompetence.

Builder Royal Concrete Concepts isn’t totally blameless, either.

They, too, should have known that the contract had expired.

But the fact remains that the district has a bill for $1.5 million in work that’s already been done.

Can you say lawsuit?

I’m not an attorney, but somehow I suspect that the builder hasn’t got a leg to stand on and will be on the proverbial hook for the full amount.

But that’s really for the court (or legal negotiations) to decide.

I suspect that the district will wind up paying something to Royal, although not the $1.5 million in dispute.

Take note, though.  For the first time in anyone’s memory, the district’s head honcho has done the job he was hired to do and made a tough, yet business minded decision.

It’s something that Frank Till should have done ten years ago with the debacle of the renovation of Ft. Lauderdale High School (among plenty of others.)

It’s something Jim Notter should have done five years ago with the same project.

Kudos to Bob Runcie for having a set of gonads.

And if you or I attend one of his remaining listening tours, give him the standing ovation he truly deserves.