According to the Press of Atlantic City, two local board members, one School Board and one Charter School Board member have been disqualified from serving in their positions.

The School Board member had been serving for 16 years.

But last year, the state of New Jersey got serious about criminals serving in public positions.

The state gave every School Board member in the state until December 31st to submit to a background check.

As a result, 11 have been disqualified state-wide, while another 189 School Board members and 165 Charter School trustees have failed to submit their background checks.

Another 404 School Board members and 101 Charter School trustees are still waiting on pins and needles for their results.

The bottom line is that all are suspended.

Those still waiting will be restored to office if their checks come back clear.

UPDATE: According to the law was passed by the New Jersey legislature to ensure that School Board members are held to the same standards as public school teachers.

I suspect there will be a constitutional challenge to the law, but I also think it will be upheld.

You can bet that neither Phyllis Hope nor Fitzroy Salesman would have passed muster under such a law.

I wonder how many others in Florida would pass a background check.

It’s something Florida needs to seriously consider.