What can you say about an “investigative” reporter who exposes one criminal’s past and chooses to hide another’s?

This week, numb nuts Bob Norman decided to “expose” the criminal past of Southwest Ranches Vice Mayor Doug McKay, even to the point of investigating allegations of criminal complaints other than the one he already knew about.

The tone of the story was clear:  Anybody with a shady past shouldn’t be in a place of public trust.

Numb nuts even went as far as to interview McKay’s ex wife in Orlando who claimed that McKay never did an “honest day’s work in his life.”

Despite the ex-Mrs. McKay’s protests, the article presented no evidence that the Vice Mayor has done anything wrong since his rights were restored.

But the story itself indicates that Norman has little or no tolerance for criminals holding public office, even if they did get their civil rights restored.

Well, that’s not quite true.

Little more than a year ago, numb nuts was railing not about the criminal School Board member Phyllis Hope, but the “scandal” of revealing that she had more criminal activities in her past.

Readers will remember that Norman labeled me as the “criminal” that needed to be investigated.

Never mind allegations of more criminal activities and proof of previous ones.

He had absolutely no intention of doing to Hope what he’s just done to McKay.

The further allegations against Hope were completely backed up by documentation.

Only in Norman’s twisted view, I was the bad guy for publishing Hope’s arrest for shoplifting, while she wasn’t criminally liable for either that act or any subsequent misdeeds.

Hope already had been previously convicted of Welfare Fraud and jailed for violation of Probation.

There were other indications of additional illegal activity as a School Board member.

Numb nuts chose to ignore every bit of it.

I know why, but I’ll leave the speculation to you.