I have a great deal of sympathy for Diana Wasserman Rubin when it comes to her battle with Parkinson’s.

In a manner of speaking, I’ve walked in her shoes for several years.

Inability to walk without assistance, slurred speech, and more.

Heavy drugs to manage symptoms or even function at all.

But the opposite end of the cable, so to speak, for me.

After almost nine years, mine’s in remission.  Hers never will be.

But when it comes to public corruption; I have absolutely no sympathy.

Yes, she’s considered innocent until proven guilty, but the indictment is telling to say the least.

Considering the fact that the County Attorney advised Diana on record to vote on several projects “if there were no conflicts of interest.”

Yet several days after one of those votes in 2004, the Rubins started building a $150,000 addition to their home.

Diana says she knew nothing about her husband’s “bonuses.”

I suppose she didn’t know how he made his living, either.

Really, now…

In my opinion, that’s flagrant disregard and malfeasance.

Of course, it’s up to a judge and maybe a jury to decide.

But Diana rightly rejected the plea deal offered by the Prosecutor.

Eight years behind bars is way too long in her case.

Considering her battle with advanced Parkinson’s, it’s quite likely the equivalent of a life sentence.

With her extenuating circumstances, Diana’s simply not a flight risk in her condition.

She’s already marked with a figurative scarlet letter.

If adjudicated guilty either by trial or by plea, she’ll lose her pension and other benefits.

Frankly, I don’t give a crap about her losing benefits and pension if guilty.

Play with fire and risk losing all.

Nor do I have sympathy that she’s flat broke and needs the money.

Any gold or jewelry in the house?  Sell it.  Art work or anything else of value?  Sell that, too.

Nope.  No sympathy at all since she and husband Richard chose to live like royalty with no thought of tomorrow.

Not when “friends” were duped into holding a benefit fundraiser for the two yet Richard chose to do something stupid and use money they otherwise wouldn’t have had to go on another “vacation” before being sent off to the slammer.

Goodness knows he couldn’t have used that money to take care of Diana…

There’s always Social Security and Medicare.  And Medicaid if need be.

Oh how the high and mighty have fallen.

But in no way does that mean she shouldn’t be allowed to live out the remainder of her life with at least some remaining semblance of dignity.

Were it up to me, I’d suggest a different deal.

Two years of house arrest with the balance on probation if it must be eight years.

Satz has his coveted “trophy.”  It just doesn’t pay to drag this on