Considering all of the bad news coming from the union, it was bound to happen.

With Pat Santeramo squandering $3.8 million in reserves, paying exorbitant benefits to union employees and spending more than $50,000 in undocumented expenditures and checks written to cash, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the union’s accounts have been drained almost to the point of no return.

Even so, according to reports BTU still has about $700,000 on hand.

It’s a nightmare for John Tarka, the interim head of BTU but the budget hole shouldn’t be filled on the backs of the membership.

If members must tighten their own belts until it hurts, BTU must do the same.

The union needs to cut fat and waste.

From the “what goes around, comes around” department, BTU is top heavy and needs to be trimmed with a dull instrument.

Cut hard, cut deep and cut wide.

If the union can’t live within its means with almost $7 million per year in dues alone, then it shouldn’t be in business.

Tee shirts purchased for specific events, drink mugs, drink holders, even holiday cards customized with FBI phone numbers.

On the Board, we used to call them chachkes.  Giveaway crap.

Waste beyond belief, especially when the very membership they serve couldn’t get raises because of the state of the economy and the budget.

It’s pure “do as I say, not as I do.”

Tarka needs to cut expenses to the proverbial bone before a single penny is added to the membership dues.

He also needs to put transparency in place so the the members will, with out a shred of a doubt, know where and how their dues are being spent.

If accountability is good for the school district, it’s good for BTU.