According to a statement issued by the union at 6pm on Tuesday, BTU President Pat Santeramo has resigned, effectively heading off the showdown scheduled for 4:30pm today.

Santeramo’s official resignation takes place on December 31st.

Not soon enough.

For those readers who complained about the severance package given to Frank Till in 2006, to quote the late, great, Al Jolson: “You ain’t seen nothing, yet!”

So far, as of this writing (midnight Tuesday,) nothing about it has been published on the BTU website, as of this writing.

The union’s statement has been published in the Sun Sentinel.

“Broward Teachers Union

BTU President Patrick A. Santeramo resigns

NOTE: The BTU will have no comment concerning the resignations beyond this statement.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 6, 2011 – Patrick A. Santeramo has resigned as president of the Broward Teachers Union and as a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers. BTU Administrator John Tarka informed the members of the Executive Board of this action during an emergency meeting late this afternoon.

The resignations are effective Dec. 31, 2011.

Santeramo was scheduled to face an expulsion hearing Wednesday, but that hearing is now canceled. He also resigned his seat from the American Federation of Teacher’s Executive Council and agreed not to seek union office in the future.”

The Sun Sentinel article containing the full statement can be read here.

The audit report by AFT was released to the public last week and it’s posted on the BTU website.

You can open, read or download the final report here: final_report_pdf

The job’s not done by any stretch of the imagination.

The Executive Board must account for everything in question.

At the very least, the bylaws must be changed to permit democratic election of the President and Executive Board rather than being required to run as a slate.

It’s one more check and balance sorely needed by the membership.