Wednesday at 4:30pm the key event will take place.

The BTU Board will meet at the Quality Inn in Plantation to determine the future of Pat Santeramo as union President.

Ultimately, the future of BTU itself.

Questions persist about the what happened to the reserves, why overpayments were made, illegal reimbursements of campaign contributions, and thousands in undocumented credit card expenses and checks made out to cash.

The biggest question is the $3.8 million in reserves.

There are many reasons why reserves shrink, but accountability reigns supreme with the fact that despite the shrinkage, the union had been handing out $600,000 a year in overly generous retirement contributions and “allowances” to staff.

Reasonable?  No.

Not in the light of either shrinking reserves or the simple fact that they’re in your face fat, cat benefits that constituents can’t get.

Sounds like Congress.

I have another word for it:  Elitism.

Those retirement contributions ended only in the middle of this year, long after the damage was done.

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to see that finances have been mishandled for years.

In the real world, the buck would stop with Pat.  (But who says BTU lives in the real world?)

There’s absolutely no question that Santeramo must go, even if only to restore credibility to the union.

If the Directors choose to keep him in any way shape or form, then the membership must consider decertifying BTU in favor of a new unit with new leadership across the board.

The first move is Wednesday at 4:30 pm.